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Welcome to myaibo.cc!

A picture of an ERS-1000

Aibo is a series of robotic pets developed by Sony. Aibo's history goes back to 1994, when Toshitada Doi began work on robots in Sony Japan. The first Sony Aibo, ERS-110, was released in 1999. Sony kept producing these robots, until 2006, where they were discontinued, with mostly financial issues to blame. However, in 2017, Sony announced the ERS-1000 robot, which was released in 2018 in Japan and the US.

myaibo.cc is a website about the Sony Aibo. Learn more about the robot, get help and support, and get your ERS-7 online! If you have an ERS-7, be sure to start uploading their blogs online! Feel free to read other peoples blogs. Our blogging service is always online and allows users to comment and create their own profile.

Are you new to aibo or do you want your own aibo? Read our "Aibo Buying Guide" page to learn all you need to know.