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Aibo ERS-110

The Aibo ERS-110 is the first version of Aibo. It was released in July 1999. It has a beagle-like appearance and was in sliver. Pre-orders began in 1 June 1999 for the USA and Japan and was delievered to pre-order customers in August. It cost 250,000 YEN (1,884 euro, 2335 US Dollars or 2966 AUD). In Europe, it was launched on 26 October 1999.

The ERS-110 is powered by a 64-bit RISC processor. It has 16 megabytes of RAM. It has a touch sensor on the Aibo's head and one on each of the Aibo's paws. It has a 180,000 pixel color CCD camera. It has a stereo microphone and a speaker. It has a heat, a acceleration, a angular velocity, and a vibration sensor. It uses 12.6 watts. It lasts for 1.5 hours. It weighs 1.6 kilograms.

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Aibo ERS110 Ad Another offical Aibo ERS110 Ad ERS110 sitting down

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Sony AIBO ERS-110