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Aibo ERS-210

The ERS-210 is one of the most popular Aibos. It was designed to look like a lion's cub. It has speech recognition capabilities. It could be gold, silver or black.. It was introduced in October 2000. This version of Aibo had capabilites to work alone, with a memory stick and/or with a LAN card. This Aibo came with an AC adapter, an AC adapter conversion plug, a battery back, a pink ball and a "pin for removing Aibo's extremities". It doesn't come with a charging station, but you can buy them seperatly. This Aibo has the following sensors, lights and more: stereo microphone, head sensor, mode indicator, eye lights, a colour camera, a speaker, a chin sensor, a pause button, chest light, paw sensors, a tail light and a back sensor.

The ERS-210 is powered by a 64-bit RISC processor, with 32MB memory. It takes about 9 watts. It can run for 1.5 hours when fully charged. It is 1.5 kg. It has a charging terminal input and a slot for a PC card type II. It has a 100,000 pixel CMOS image sensor.

Degrees of freedom (20 dregrees of freedom in total):

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Aibo Jumping Aibo with their paws up Aibo head closeup Aibo sitting 2 Aibos Aibo playing with pink ball

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Sony AIBO ERS-210 in Sony's ads